Focus of NABA

Through member input and the diligent efforts of our newly formed national team, we have developed a new strategic plan for the National African Business Association that will set our direction from 2016 through 2021. The planning process involved primary and secondary research to assess the regional business environment, critical analysis of key business issues as well as our own organizational strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and challenges, and the determination of the strategic issues that could best be addressed over the next five years.

Our members have been functioning within a changing marketplace for some time now. The significant changes we have all experienced have been accompanied by both challenge and opportunity. This plan is designed to help our members address current challenges and capitalize on the corresponding opportunities. Our overall approach is to support your efforts in sustaining and growing your businesses, expanding jobs and preparing effectively for future opportunities.

This plan focuses on six key strategic priorities that will support member business success and provide a positive return on our members’ investment throughout the plan period: business retention and growth; intellectual capital expansion; business environment advocacy; and our own organization’s operational excellence. The Association will provide programs and services to support business growth efforts. We will retain, align and attract appropriate workforce to support your business expansion. The Association will protect and secure a business friendly environment that promotes regional growth. Finally, we will keep our house in order and deliver true value to our members.

Each of these areas has been assigned measurable outcomes that will allow us to track the implementation of our plan. Each year of the plan period, Association volunteers and staff will use this document to establish an annual business plan that focuses our financial and human resources to ensure we continue to move forward in achieving our strategic outcomes. Adaptability will be an important asset as we face unknown challenges and respond to members’ changing needs.