Empowering Our Future Today



Our Mission

Why We're Here
The National African Business Association (NABA) is a business support group whose mission is to enhance urban development through trade and investment with Sub-Saharan Africa. NABA supports African-based businesses to help transform small urban communities into global communities with a focus on minority women based enterprises to enhance and develop their quality of life as well as presenting opportunities for both educational and economic transformation. In addition, NABA supports and represents business owners at the public policy level to help benefit business owners through professional development, business planning, marketing, and matchmaking services.




Our Goal

What We See
The National African Business Association believes in importing African based businesses into the United States to help redevelop and strengthen a tax base in depleted local urban communities. In addition, we strongly believe in investing in our young people in global entrepreneurship and mentorship to help the receive the tools they need to succeed.




Our Women

October is National Domestic Violence Month. It is imperative that we eliminate this level of violence in our community and give victims the tools they will need to empower themselves and family. The National African Business Association supports the STOP campaign that was developed by our National Spokeswoman Seun Obajolu in our NABA-DC Chapter. STOP means Stand Together On Purpose.




Our Focus

Where We're Going
The National African Business Association is an EMPOWERMENT association. We place a strong focus on economic development, public policy and global education. Currently, we have chapters in Michigan, Texas, Illinois and Washington DC. We do not operate under any umbrella organization or network.